4 Reasons To Install Fire Sprinkler Systems In Your Building

If you own a multi-unit residential or commercial property, then you may already be required by law to install a fire sprinkler system on every floor. Even if this is not the case, however, there are several reasons why you should. Take a look below for more information about just four of the biggest ones.

Saving Lives

Above all, fire sprinkler systems are installed with the purpose of saving lives. They are more effective at this than many other fire suppression techniques and methods because of just how quickly they can suppress a fire. This in turn allows people inside a building to evacuate more quickly than they might have been able to if the fire were still spreading.

Protecting Property

Another huge advantage of installing a fire sprinkler system is the amount of property you can protect. With less comprehensive fire extinguishing measures, you risk heat and smoke damage to a majority of a floor or building. Sprinklers can help suppress most fires almost immediately, meaning that a building is saved from total destruction and you don't have to worry about losing tens of thousands of dollars worth of property inside the building.

Reliably Working

One common question people ask before installing fire sprinkler systems is "What if they don't work as planned?" This is a natural question because of the assumption that these systems rely on electrical power. However, this is a mistaken assumption; most sprinkler systems are activated when an exposed bit of glass filled with expandable liquid heats up to a certain temperature. This means that even in a power outage, you won't have to worry about the reliability of your building's fire sprinkler system.

Making Evacuation Less Dangerous

Even a relatively small fire can have devastating effects. It may be surprising to learn that most of these effects are due to smoke and toxic gas rather than the flames themselves. Luckily, fire sprinkler systems help building owners avoid the release of significant amounts of smoke and toxic gas by suppressing fires early in the fire's formation. This also means that visibility is much better and evacuation is easier for people who are in the building at the time the fire breaks out.

While fire sprinkler systems present a substantial cost initially, they are a wise investment. They save lives by making evacuation quicker and safer, and they work reliably to save as much property as possible too.

To learn more, contact a fire sprinkler system supplier in your area.