How To Order The Right Type Of Rubber Parts For Your Industrial Process

Rubber is used all the time in manufacturing because of the unique characteristics that rubber parts have. Rubber that is molded into a specific shape has excellent shape retention. It's also possible to have the exact type of shape that your company needs to be created. This is especially the case with molded rubber.

Rubber Benefits

Custom rubber parts are resistant to several forces that are damaging to other industrial parts. For example, rubber parts are very resistant to moisture and are often used with applications that rely on water or are often exposed to water. Even when in contact with water, it retains its properties.

Some rubber parts can crack. However, custom rubber parts that are molded are much more likely to be resistant to cracking. This is because the process that molded rubber goes through makes it stronger.  

Talking to a Rubber Manufacturer

One of the first steps when having custom rubber parts made is to send a drawing to the manufacturer. This will allow you and the manufacturer to start a conversation about the type of rubber parts you will need and you will both be able to work out the details. 

Rubber Part Specifications

Make sure to go over the specifications of your custom rubber parts with the manufacturer. For example, they will need to know the dimensions of your rubber parts. The size of your rubber parts is not only important depending on your application but also affects the cost of the rubber parts. 

The custom rubber parts manufacturer will take the intended function of your rubber part into consideration when determining how the part will be designed and the materials used. For example, if the part will be exposed to high temperatures, it will need to be able to resist the heat. Hardness and tensile strength are important factors when designing a rubber part. 

There are several molding methods that can be used to create a rubber part. The complexity that is needed of the rubber part will determine the type of process that the manufacturers will use.

The Order Volume

Once you have discussed the specifications of the parts, you will then need to determine the volume that needs to be ordered, how soon the parts need to be ordered, and whether new parts must be ordered on a regular basis. If you need to order a large number of parts in a short time frame, your order will be more expensive. 

For more info about custom rubber parts manufacturing, contact a local company.