Keep Your Workers Safe With Welding Headgear

If you recently hired in-house welders to complete your jobs, you want to protect your workers as much as possible. Although welding is one of the best ways to create products, it can also be one of the most hazardous jobs to complete. You want to ensure your workers wear the right headgear when they weld your products. Learn why it's important for your workers to wear headgear below.

How Can Welding Be Hazardous?

Welding exposes your workers to a number of hazards during the day, including excessive heat, sparks, and fire. Welding also causes various metallic fumes and chemicals to enter the environment. Welders or workers who don't use the right safety gear may experience health issues and injuries over time.

Some of the injuries your workers must be aware of are burns. Welding equipment creates sparks as they weld objects together. The sparks can fly off the equipment and land on your workers' faces and heads. The burns can be severe enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

Welding machines also use electricity. Electrical currents passing through the equipment can flash or arc. The flashes of electricity can burn the skin on your workers' faces or hands.

You can protect your welders from burns and other injuries with the right headgear.

How Can Headgear Protect Your Workers?

Headgear is an important part of your welders' personal protection equipment, or PPE. Headgear protects the skin, hair, and eyes of your workers as they complete their tasks. However, your workers must wear the right headgear to be safe.

You want to order or purchase welding hoods for all of your welders. Welding hoods look similar to large motorcycle helmets. The helmets generally come with a large eyepiece that sits in the center of the gear. Some eyepieces wrap around the helmets, which allows workers to see or view objects from the side. The workers can look out for people who may accidentally walk too close to the welding site. 

The hoods may also be fire-retardant or heat-resistant. The gear stays cool, even under heavy usage or heat. If your workers operate their welding equipment near other equipment that emits heat, they may benefit from using fire- or heat-resistant headgear.

When you choose the headgear for your workers, consider purchasing helmets in different sizes and colors. You want the gear to fit your workers' heads properly when they use them.

Learn more about welding hoods by contacting an equipment supplier today, like CMR Fabrications.