Useful Storage Practices For Construction Sand

Sand is one of the most used materials for various construction purposes. It can be mixed in with other substances like concrete and help create stable foundations. If you're looking to store some for an upcoming construction project, be sure to take the following measures.

Make Sure Storage Sites Are Easy To Access

You probably will be going back and forth a lot to storage sites containing sand for construction purposes. Thus, you want to make sure these sites are easy for you and other personnel to access so that no time is wasted when trying to supply this aggregate to a particular area around the construction site. 

If there are other materials or equipment around the sand, make sure they're organized and verify that clear pathways are created. Also, try choosing storage sites that are close to areas where this sand will be used. This will cut down on the time it takes to retrieve the sand day in and day out.

Make Sure Ground Is Free Of Moisture

One thing you don't want to be able to affect construction sand is moisture. It can alter the sand's properties and then make it entirely different to work with. You can't afford to have these changes take place because they'll cost you more money.

You need to make sure sand is always placed on a dry surface. It might be surfaces in storage sheds or buildings where you have the ability to better control the elements that come in contact with your construction sand. 

Use Dividing Walls To Keep Sand Separate From Other Aggregates

You may have a lot of other aggregates that are used by your construction company. If you plan on storing them in the same building or area where there is construction sand, make sure you put up dividing walls. They'll keep sand separate from these aggregates and thus help you preserve the amazing properties that sand has to offer.

The dividing walls just need to be tall enough to ensure different aggregate types can't mix in with each other. Then you'll just need to label each area appropriately so that everyone knows where aggregate types go. 

Sand has a lot of beneficial properties and that's why this aggregate is often used in construction. You just need to make sure your storage practices for this material are optimal because then you can effectively avoid inefficiencies and sand contamination. 

For more information, contact a local sand supply company.