Pick The Right Eye Protection For Your Employees

Personal protective equipment can be vital in protecting your workers against serious harm. Industrial supply stores sell all types of protective equipment in bulk, making it easy to source the items your workers need for maximum safety.

Eye protection should be at the top of every employers' list when it comes to fitting workers with safety gear. Many factors can affect the type of eyewear that your workers need, so give your decision careful consideration before making a bulk investment.

Exposure to Hazards

Protective eyewear is designed to prevent your workers from being injured when exposed to potential hazards in the workplace. To find eyewear that will offer the right level of protection, you need to identify the hazards that are present within your work environment.

Many industrial settings expose workers to flying debris or hazardous liquids that can cause serious damage. Goggles that are designed to fully encase the eye can help prevent debris or splashed liquid from coming into contact with eye tissue, protecting the vision of your employees over time.

Coverage Requirements

Once you know the types of hazards that your workers will be exposed to, you can determine how much coverage the eye protection devices must offer to keep your workers safe. Some industrial activities only require the use of spectacles or goggles with shatter-resistant lenses.

Other activities might require employees to have more coverage, so pairing safety goggles with a face mask or shield can be beneficial. The more the face and eyes are covered, the less likely your employees will sustain a serious eye injury on the job.

Environmental Factors

The environment can impact worker safety when it comes to the eyes. Protective eyewear needs to take into consideration the unique environmental conditions that your workers are exposed to.

Specialized coatings can be applied to the lenses of spectacles and goggles that help guard against exposure to UV rays, static dissipation, or fogging. These coatings can improve visibility while engaged in work-related tasks without sacrificing any amount of protection for the eyes.

Work with your local industrial supply store to purchase protective eyewear for your workers. Be sure that the eyewear you provide is capable of protecting against the type of flying debris and environmental hazards that your workers will be exposed to on a regular basis.

Access to protective eyewear will reduce injuries and protect your company against potential personal injury lawsuits in the future.