How To Buy Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment For Maximum Value

If your company is looking to buy pre-owned packaging equipment, that is a smart move. You can get several pieces of packaging equipment that will save you thousands of dollars because it is gently used and not brand-new. However, before you start buying up equipment randomly, here are a few shopping tips to make sure you are getting the maximum value for your company's dollar.

Buy Used Equipment That Is No Older Than Five Years

Because packaging equipment continues to advance with technology, you really do not want to purchase anything that is older than five years. It may serve you well for a couple of years, but then you would have to turn around and buy new equipment again. Before you close the deal on the used equipment that you have found, ask the seller how old the equipment is. 

Buy Equipment That Has Not Been Repeatedly Repaired

Packaging equipment sold as used should not be beleaguering your company with repetitive repairs. It is not a good deal if you buy equipment that has gone through several repairs and is likely to go through several more. Ask about the repair history of the equipment prior to purchase. Each piece of equipment for sale should have a repair history. If the seller does not know for certain or does not have the repair history, you are best to avoid purchasing it.

Consider Purchasing Used Equipment That Has Interlocking Components

Some manufacturers have developed packaging equipment that interlocks with other components to produce an entire packaging system. Consider acquiring these components used, and then connecting them for a streamlined packaging system. Purchased new and separately, these components/systems would cost you a small fortune. Purchased used, you can really save a bundle and not have to worry about buying any other packaging equipment to complete the packing and packaging processes in your company's mail room or warehouse.

Haggle Prices

Yes, you can haggle price. Some sellers of secondhand packaging equipment offer sales and first-time customers a discount, especially if those customers purchase a certain dollar amount, or purchase more than one piece of equipment. Haggle price if you find the exact same equipment elsewhere for less. A lot of these sellers are willing to work out deals because they want your company's repeat business, and because they want to sell you as much used packaging equipment as they can possibly sell to you.

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