Processes For Testing And Maintaining Water Meters

Water meters are important tools used for measuring water usage for conservation. Utility companies use water meters to determine how much a resident should be charged. Therefore, a water meter should be used for all essential water production processes.

Water Meter Testing and Calibration

Make sure that your water meter is tested and calibrated regularly to make sure that it is correctly recording the amount of water used. Water suppliers are responsible for having a plan in which all water supplied is properly metered and recorded. Therefore, they must have a plan for ensuring that water meters are correctly calibrated.

Water Meter Couplings

Water meters will deteriorate over time, and you may need to replace water meter couplings. When performing maintenance on your water meters, make sure to use meter couplings that meet industry design and alloy standards. Find out exactly the size and dimensions that you will need for your water meter. If you are not using the right couplings, your water meter will leak.

Water meters require different types of couplings because they come in a range of sizes. If a water meter is too large for a particular water supply, the meter will tend to under-record the amount of water used.

Troubleshooting Unusually High Water Meter Readings

Residents may notice that there is something wrong with a meter because they have an unusually high reading. The first step for a resident should be to determine if they simply don't realize that they are using more water. However, if the reading on the water meter does not match the reading on the water bill, there might be something wrong with a coupling. There might also be a leak on the resident's property.

Complete Water Meter Replacement

At some point, even replacing meter couplings will not be enough and you will eventually need to replace your water meter entirely. Typically, the proper authorities are allowed to replace the water meter at any time and do not have to provide the property owner with a notice before replacing the water meter.

Independent Water Meter Laboratory Testing

Often, if a meter on a property is not functioning properly, it will be removed and sent to a laboratory for independent testing. The property owner will be provided with a new meter. Then, if the laboratory can determine what is wrong with the meter and can correct the problem, the meter will be placed on a different property.

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