3 Features To Look For In A Mechanical Back-Up Wrench

In serious projects when having a nut completely tight and stable is absolutely imperative, sometimes the regular tools just won't do the trick. In these situations, having a good back-up wrench in place ensures that the hardware that absolutely cannot budge stays absolutely still for the process. However, it can be difficult to determine which back-up wrench is the best and has the ability to function as you need it to. Take a look at some of the specs you need to be looking for when you are shopping for a high-quality mechanical back-up wrench. 

The back-up wrench has a convenient suspension eye. 

If you need to use a safety cord for your back-up wrench as extra precaution, it is not safe to wrap one around the main housing because the shifting of the wrench could cause the cord to snap or become damaged. Look for a back-up wrench that has an eye on top of the wrench that is specifically there to attach a safety cord to when it is necessary. 

The back-up wrench has tension release that's easy to operate. 

The back-up wrench's tension release needs to be simple to operate, but not all of them have a simplistic design. When you need to release tension, you should be able to simply turn the tension nut at the base of the unit without having to struggle to do so. If the back-up wrench you find is made in any other way, it can make it difficult to release tension quickly when you are in the middle of a project. 

The back-up wrench has safe suspension tightening to protect your hands. 

When you are using the back-up wrench as extra torque to hold a piece of hardware in place, it is extremely important that you do not get your hands near the main prongs. If you accidentally release tension, the wrench can clamp down on your fingers and leave you severely injured. The best back-up wrenches have a safe suspension tightening area that is away from the main clamps of the wrench. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments without putting your hands in harm's way. 

When you have to rely on a back-up wrench to give you that extra compression and torque during a project, you need to know you have the best model. If you would like to know more about quality back-up wrenches, reach out to industrial tools and equipment supply companies like SMP Specialty Maintenance Products