How Thread Plug Gauges Avoid BNC Connector Installation Mistakes

A BNC connector is an important addition to a coax cable because they let you hook up to the internet properly. However, an improper installation can be a major problem. As a result, it is important to take steps to fix this concern as soon as possible.

Common BNC Connector Installation Mistakes

Adding a BNC connector to a coax cable is a tricky situation that many amateurs don't do properly. As a result, they may suffer from a variety of problems that make it difficult to use them. Some of the most common mistakes including choosing the wrong connector size or choosing the incorrect bandwidth. These situations usually occur when somebody tries to install a BNC connector based on sight alone.

When this happens, their connection is going to be very weak and may suffer from outages. These failures can be troubling to someone who needs high-quality internet connections at all times. As a result, it is important to take steps to address this problem.

How A Thread Plug Gauge Can Help

Thread plug gauges are designed to fit on the end of a threaded plug and to measure its size. They are very simple tools that anyone who works with these plugs should use on a regular basis. Using them with a BNC connector is a particularly wise decision.

That's because they can allow you to hook up your connector to a coax cable without any mistakes. As a result, you can have high-quality internet that doesn't go out while you are using it. Fully understanding how to use one is a relatively-easy process that most people should be able to handle on their own.  

Using A Thread Plug Gauge

Using this tool is a very simple process. Start by looking at your BNC connector and taking an educated guess at its width. Then, carefully fit a gauge that looks close to that threaded plug over the BNC connector end. If you find that it fits snugly on the plug, you can use that diameter connector to install it to your system.

However, if you find that the thread is too wide or tight, you can try another gauge to find the right diameter. Typically, this process should take no more than a few minutes to finish. However, it will give you an accurate fit that will ensure your BNC connector is tight and that your internet works smoothly and efficiently.  

So if you plan on using BNC connectors any time in the future, it is wise to invest in a threaded plug gauge. These tools can also be used in other ways, which makes them a great item to have around the house for various installation needs.  Contact a company, like WEST port, for more help.