Need To Purchase Couplers For The First Time? Different Types And Ways To Operate Them

If you need to purchase couplers for hoses and this is the first time you have purchased them, you may be confused as to what to purchase. To help you out, below are some different types you will find on the market, as well as different ways they operate.

Types of Couplers

No matter what type of coupler you choose it has two parts: a plug and socket. From here you will find different variations. One type has only one way to turn off the flow. Because of this, this type of coupler is generally installed on the pressure line. To turn it off you turn a knob either right or left and then you can remove the plug.

Another type of coupler has two ways to turn it off. Because of this you can use valves in the plug and socket. This means you can turn off the flow of liquid or air at both ends of the hose. They are often used for hydraulic lines but can be used for other things. This is because you can find this type of coupler made with a variety of materials, such as metal and plastic.

The media you use will help you decide what would work best. For example, if you use compressed air or other types of gases you would want to use a coupler that shuts off one way. If you use hydraulic or other types of fluid, you would need to purchase a coupler that turns off two ways. Because of this, make sure you tell the salesperson where you buy your couplers what you will be using them for.

Coupler Operation

When you start looking at couplers make sure you know how they operate. Some are manually operated while others are automatic. Manual means you have to manually connect the plug. With automatic, you insert the plug in the socket, but you do not have to remove it. Instead it connects and disconnects automatically.

There are also safety sockets you may want to consider. With this, when the plug is inserted it locks in place, so it is not easily unplugged. To remove the coupler, you have to turn a knob left and then right and then left again. This immediately turns of the exhausts and lets you then remove the plug.

Talk with a company that sells couplers to learn much more about them. They can help you make the right choice for what you need to use them for.