How Bulk Bag Unloaders Can Streamline Your Bulk Bagging Systems

Buying in bulk is a frenzied activity which everyone from farmers to average consumers do. It does not matter if the contents of these enormous bags are grain, corn, rice, flour, or some other easily-bagged consumable. Bulk is big business. There is just one problem; bagging and unloading in the warehouse creates more headaches (and other body aches) than you want to deal with. Bulk bag unloaders can help. Here is how these machines can streamline your bulk bagging systems.

It Is Completely Automated

The only things your employees do on this line are hang the bulk bags from the unloaders via the crane attachments and then remove the bags at the other end. The processes in between are completely automated. As you know, automation speeds everything up, and cuts down on precious minutes of operation time.

Your Employees Cannot Accidentally Spill Bag Contents

Short of rodents chewing through bulk bags of consumables, and then the employees pick up those bags without looking, nothing can cause an accidental spill here. The bags are loaded onto the bag unloaders, opened, and emptied over a large funnel chute. That means your factory stays cleaner and less product ends up on the floors. It also means less time is spent cleaning up whatever product spilled out of a bulk bag and onto the floor.

Significantly Fewer Work-Related Injuries

Gone are the days when factory employees spent hours hoisting, slicing, emptying and tossing bulk bags. Now, a single operator lowers the hooks or the lift bars to the ground, connects the bulk bag to the hooks or bars, and uses the hydraulic lift system to do all of the heavy lifting. The result is significantly fewer work-related injuries, and more time spent hard at work.

Today's Bulk Bag Unloaders Can Fit into Tiny Spaces

If the above reasons for investing in bulk bag unloaders is not enough to convince you, consider this. Today's bulk bag unloaders can fit into the tiniest of spaces, while still providing enough space for your operators to fit in nearby and operate the machines. If you need to customize the shape and size of the unloader, that is doable, too. The machinery in motion in these devices does not require a lot of space to move its moving components. Talk to a leading company about purchasing bag unloaders and the many features of these unique machines to see what they can do for you.