Tips For Maintaining Your Air Dryer

If you are the manager of a factory, you likely have an industrial air dryer in order to make sure that no excess humidity gets into your product. You likely need this piece of heavy equipment to continue to function in order to ensure that your factory continues to be able to churn out product at the expected rate. One way to make sure that your air dryer continues to work well is to service is regularly and ensure that it is being maintained as well as possible. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Use Air Brake Antifreeze

Check to see what type of antifreeze your air dryer is using to cool and dry the air. If you are using alcohol, a common and cheap antifreeze, you might be doing damage to your dryer. You will be able to increase the life of your air dryer if you supply it with air brake antifreeze because this will not cause the interior of your dryer to wear down and will provide a more effective level of freezing protection. It will also allow the parts inside of your air dryer to be lubricated, meaning that they will move more easily, with less friction. This will be done without additional moisture being added to the system.

2. Perform Maintenance in the Fall

Try to stick to performing your maintenance to the fall as much as possible. The reason for this is that dew point is very high, meaning that you will require a high temperature in order to have the moisture in the air around your dryer condense. This means that you will have less condensation on your air dryer when you take it apart to inspect its various pieces and put it back together again. If you do perform maintenance on the system on a day that has an exceptionally high level of humidity, then you might need to purge the air from the equipment after putting it back together in order to make sure that excess moisture doesn't stay inside the equipment. Excess moisture can reduce how effective the dryer is and potentially cause pieces of it to rust out.

For more information, talk to a company, like Air Compressor Energy Systems Inc., that specializes in industrial air dryers. They might have maintenance tips that are specific to the particular air dryer that you are currently using, allowing you to further streamline your maintenance operations.