4 Rentals That Will Make Your DIY Roof Repair Project Safer And Easier

Now that you've decided to repair the leaks and creaks in your home's roof yourself, it's a good idea to put together a list of rentals you can use that will make the job easier and safer overall. Here are four rentals that are sure to provide you with benefits throughout your do-it-yourself roof repair project:


Scaffolding creates a walkway up near the roof of your home so you can get around safely without having to rely on a ladder. Once the scaffolding is put into place, you can haul tools an accessories up for storage during your project so you don't have to keep moving between the roof and the ground every time you need a tool.

While most service providers that rent scaffolding for home projects will bring the equipment out and set it up for you beforehand, the process may take a few hours depending on how large your home is. For this reason it's a good idea to schedule the installation of your rented scaffolding the day before you plan to begin your project to ensure that it's ready to be used on time. Reach out to a local provider, such as Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co. for more info. 


Renting a dumpster for your roof repair project is an excellent way to ensure that old nails and other dangerous items you no longer need aren't left behind on the scaffolding or ground where they can injure someone. You can set the dumpster up near your home so it's easy to throw garbage and debris inside of it whether you're standing on the roof, the scaffolding, or the ground.

And once you've thrown everything from your roof project away, you don't have to worry about taking it to the dump. Just schedule to have the dumpster dropped off the morning that you plan to begin your project, and have it picked up a couple of days after the roof repairs have been completed so you have time to clean up and make sure that all the debris you don't want littering your property has been disposed of.

Paint Sprayer

There is a chance that the paint around the top of your home will get scratched or chipped while you work on the roof, so you will likely want to do some touch ups once your repair project is complete. Renting a commercial paint sprayer will help you get the job done quickly while providing a professional finish that will give your home an updated look.

Make sure to buy the paint you need when renting your sprayer so you don't have to worry about doing it in the middle of your project. This is an excellent time to consider giving your entire home a new paint job which will improve curb appeal and help protect your home from weather-related damage.

Rope Grabs

To keep yourself safe while working on your roof, it's important to set up some rope grabs. After anchoring your rope grabs, you can continuously adjust the length of the lifeline while moving about the roof to ensure that you won't fall over the edge if you slip or lose your footing.

The service provider that rents you the rope grabs should be willing to come out and anchor them to the top of your roof for you and show you how to safely use them before your roof repair project begins, and then come out to detach them and take them away when you're finished.

These rentals are sure to make your job easier while on the roof of your home, and will help ensure that you and your family stays safe until the project is complete and everything is cleaned up.