How To Replace Casters On A Large Rolling Utility Cart

Caster wheels can be found on the bottom of a variety of items, from office chairs to platform trucks to industrial bulk bins and carts. In the industrial industry, caster wheels are essential for moving heavy loads easily and without injury to workers. When equipment is constantly being used to transport heavy loads, the weight-bearing parts of that equipment, such as the caster wheels, are bound to break down over time from typical wear and tear. But, equipment such as large rolling utility carts can be expensive to replace. For business owners like yourself looking to save money, you can replace casters as needed so you can continue using the same equipment for a long period of time. Here's a guide on how to replace the casters on large utility carts.

1. Remove The Old Casters

First, lay the utility cart on its side so you can easily access the caster wheels. Then, grab a screwdriver and remove all the screws that are holding the old or broken caster to the large cart. Save the casters you have removed.

2. Buy Replacement Casters

Caster wheels come in a wide variety of sizes, and use many different attachments methods, including mounting plates and stems. These wheels can be found in home improvement centers, hardware stores, and industrial equipment specialty shops. In order to buy the correct type and size replacement casters for your cart, take the old casters with you. If you are purchasing new caster wheels online, make sure you accurately measure the old wheel's mounting plate or stem so that you can be confident the new casters will fit properly onto the large cart.

While shopping for replacement casters, also consider what the utility cart is used for and how much weight the wheels will be handling. Make sure the replacement casters you purchase can meet the weight requirement for the large cart. Typically, the wider the wheel, the more weight it can handle.

If your utility cart is used often on slanted surfaces, then it would be wise to purchase replacement casters that have a braking mechanism. This will prevent the cart from moving around unexpectedly. Also decide if you'd like casters that swivel or not. Depending on the type of work your large cart does, a breaking mechanism and/or ability to swivel may be a negative or positive point.

Finally, think about the type of surface that the cart travels on, and make sure the casters you buy work well on that type of surface. For example, you'll need a specific type of wheel to be able to maneuver the cart easily on carpet, versus the type of wheel that is best for cement floors.

3. Put The New Casters Into Place

Now that you have purchased replacement casters, it's time to go back to the utility cart and install them. Since the new casters should be identical to the ones you removed, simply place the new one is the same spot as the old one. Depending on what type of casters you have, you can slide the stem into the existing hole or use screws to attach the mounting plate to the bottom of the cart.

If your cart has a stem and the hole where the stem needs to go is blocked by the stem of an old caster that has broken off, you can use pliers to pull out the stem. Now you will have room to insert the stem of the new caster wheel without issue.

As you can see, the hardest part of replacing casters on a cart, or any other piece of industrial equipment, is finding the proper replacement wheels. If you are having trouble finding the correct wheels, then a store employee will be happy to help you. They can also help you find other industrial supplies you might need, such as bulk bins. The rest of the task is pretty easy because you can put the wheels in the same spot where the old ones were.